What Is The Real Work?

The Real Work is a small group coaching mastermind for leaders who are ready to take authentic and effective action in order to divest from white supremacy and dismantle systems of oppression.

This is a space to become braver and more practiced at having conversations around race.

This workshop is for you if you are:

Anti-racism work is a life-long endeavor

This mastermind is not the pill to cure racism. The work we must all do to unlearn what took centuries to build requires an enduring commitment anchored in more than "it's the right thing to do". The Real Work is all about going further and digging deeper to ground your anti-racism work to the core of who you are. 

This Coaching Mastermind will help you


  • You must acknowledge that systemic racism exists.
  • You must acknowledge that this systemic racism has oppressed communities of color while creating unfair advantages for white appearing people.
  • You must be willing to do the work, even when you don’t know how to. 




Jayme Alilaw- FTCC

Jayme Alilaw
Founder & CEO of
From The Core Coaching

Jayme Alilaw believes that the voices of the oppressed must be elevated in order to restore balance to the world. As an Army Veteran, entrepreneur, educator, performing artist, and mother to a teenage daughter, Jayme finds that her varied passions uniquely position her to think big and see possibility everywhere. With her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Vocal Performance and over 15 years of experience as an opera singer and vocal coach, a unifying theme in all she does is empowerment accessed through honoring the inner voice, emboldening the speaking voice, and even freeing the singing voice.

From The Core Coaching is a leadership and life coaching firm with a focus on anti-racism and culture transformation. Through coaching, facilitation, training, and workshops to we reconnect clients and companies to their core vision, mission, and values. In working to align desires, words, and actions, we create impactful outcomes that benefit the client and the community.



Tyler Heckathorn

Speech-Language Pathologist

I have been so lucky and grateful to be able to take part in a cohort for The Real Work...and it has been powerful, empowering, and humbling.  I have experienced goosebumps, tears, laughter, and GROWTH.  The work isn't easy, but it is SO worthwhile.  Thank you, Jayme.  


Christopher Massie

Ministry Director of Music

Jayme’s coaching approach to anti-racism comes with a strong hand, a strong heart, and a guiding force that leads to an epiphany of self-discovery in one’s own self prejudices that lie buried deep within. With guided and purposeful questioning, she is able to lead you to the answers you seek when it comes to race and racism on top of providing the reasoning and history for your open mind. Jayme is a powerhouse of knowledge and passion that will educate and guide you with a biting truth and a loving heart. Battling white supremacy is a marathon, not a sprint. So leave your white privilege at the door, sit down, and listen to the words she has for you. I promise you will leave with the answers you first sought, and so much more.



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