The Real Work: Group Coaching Cohort


About this Event

This community is a place for womxn to join together and support each other around common topics and challenges we all face, and practice new ways of being empowered in all areas of life. Through conversations with womxn, common questions and concerns that come up include:

  • No one in my life understands what I’m dealing with day-to-day.

  • I feel stuck and stagnate in my life and don't know how to go forward.

  • How do I create more joy in my life?

  • How do I discover more passion for my work?

  • How can I develop a sustainable work/life balance?

  • How do I prevent constantly feeling burned out and overwhelmed?

  • I am constantly questioning if I am good enough or if I know enough at work. I sometimes fear that someone is going to find out I’m underqualified for my current position. How can I overcome imposter syndrome?

If any of this resonates with you or if you've ever asked any of these questions, THIS is the community and THESE are the conversations that will support you in developing solutions that work and empower you to move through these obstacles and beyond!

We all deserve a life of peace, balance, harmony, joy, delight in our work, our connection to the divine while living our best life! Let's create that together now!

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